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Hiroko Asai

3 歳でピアノを始め、11歳から教会での音楽奉仕を務める。東京芸術大学音楽学部作曲科卒業。在学中よりオルガンを学び、フェリス女学院大学音楽学部ディプロマコースオルガン専攻、東京芸術大学大学院修士課程修了。




Hiroko ASAI, born in 1966, is a titular organist at St. Ignatius Church in Tokyo since 2004. After studied music composition, she began to study organ at Ferris University and Tokyo University of Arts. Received a Master's degree from Tokyo University of Arts in 2002. 

Hiroko Asai was awarded “Pistoia prize” from the Academy of Italian Organ Music in Shirakawa in 1991, and was invited to Pistoia Organ Academy (Tuscany) to give a recital. She has participated in various courses in Europe and United States.

Since her liturgical working started at age of 11, Hiroko Asai has been interested in improvisation in the catholic services. In 2012 she has founded Tokyo Improvisation Factory (TOKIF), which is a group for study and research for historical improvisation. Hiroko Asai also teaches at Seitoku Open Academy (SOA), and the Academy of Italian Organ Music in Shirakawa.

© photo by Shinichi Kida

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